Shared Wedding Album

We are looking forward to sharing some of the memories our photographers captured once we receive them. If you'd like to share a picture or video you took at the wedding, we'd love to see it! We've set up a shared Google album for anyone who would like to contribute (on the left, you can click the 'Divya & Daven wedding' text and it'll bring you to the upload page). Thank you again for joining us!

Wedding Ceremony Video

Thank you so much for celebrating with us! Kevin took a video of the ceremony. We are so grateful to everyone who was able to join us, and to everyone who helped make the celebration as perfect as it turned out. Sincerest thanks!


We're looking forward to seeing so many of you in just a short while!
Since our venue is in the heart of downtown Toronto, look to the left for the key locations of interest.
(yes, we've hidden the functionality of Google Maps under 1999's hot new web technology. Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL.)